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There are many ways to Progress, to "let go," continuing on your way, moving onward.
A good place to start is by remembering, truly Knowing, no matter what anyone says, that YOU always have Options!

(such as coming back IN to the Unseen Realms e-museum)

Freedoms are sweeter when they carry the safety, quality and trust of knowing you can leave at any Time, that you can ask questions.

The following sets of doorways to OTHER websites is our way of letting you know what Networks we've found out there...

Need a break from the Election furvor?

The races may be on, but many are more concerned about a BIGGER PICTURE (how about the "Human Race"?) and here are a sampling of groups hoping to make Peace a reality on earth in our lifetimes!

The Association of Global New Thought

Pathways to Peace

The Temple of Understanding

The World Peace Prayer Society

The Interfaith Center of New York

The MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence


Peace Stars

The Unseen Realms Linkage Station!

This is the part of the web-page where you, our humble visitor, moves on for the moment, to other places to land, to explore the rest of what the web has in store for you...

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Travel Reports and Dispatches

Visit Alex Shoumatoff's amazing panoply of speeches, stories, articles and accounts of the earth-rattling happenings in every nook and cranny on this planet we share:

Dispatches from the Vanishing World

This is Madonna Oriflamma by Nicolas Roerich. Author of the Roerich Pact for protection of places of cultural and historical significance, he shared Avinoff's love of Tibet.
His pact, signed by FDR in 1935, can be read by clicking on the above picture.

"The historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions shall be considered as neutral and as such respected and protected by belligerents. The same respect and protection shall be due to the personnel of the institutions mentioned above. The same respect and protection shall be accorded to the historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions in time of peace as well as in war." —from the Roerich Pact

This selection of Web-Places to go is by no means complete, and we will begin to feature especially pertinent businesses to accompany our current crop of gateways to other groups, networks, beliefs, studies, schools and on-line communities.

Present States of the World


Online Petitions

On the Horizon:
Primal Waters

Worldly wisdom, ancient and modern religion,
Public Image Banks, Oxford Scientific Films,
manadals of all persuasions, and guides to the shamanistic arts.
PEACE STARS Peace Schools

Art Makers Meet Art Lovers

Innovative Initiatives


We, the World


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