Who is "Unseen Realms"?

Unseen Realms has the vision of creating a business which interweaves images, words and ideas to reveal areas before us that are often concealed. Whether because of size, confusion or just the massive amount of distraction modern society produces, much of the important, dynamic and in-depth aspects of our world remain hidden, right around us. Thus it is our hope that our unique design elements, decorations and party supplies will add a welcome touch to your office décor, picnic or home event.

Our concept of graphic expression, ranges from the breath-takingly beautiful, the scientifically accurate and the just plain fantastic. This approach has been inspired by the work of Andrey Avinoff. His grandniece, Tonia Shoumatoff, conceived of the idea of creating fine arts prints of his work along with co-founder, designer Devin Kyle Irby. Her family, especially her very talented brothers He Who Stands Firm and Alex Shoumatoff have contributed time, paintings & resources to the fruition of this project as well.

She then put together a team of talented people to work on the project including Carter Hodgkin who created the sitemap for us, and Janet Prince who heads up accounting and marketing. Some hand-gilding by artist Rachel Krause and detail coloration and image repair work has been completed by Cindy Franklin of DigiTouch Studios. Joining the team is Ted Irby, with over 30 years of sales experience, to head up the national outreach, which will include college towns and communities throughout the US and abroad. Lidia Korzhuk of Kiev and Kazutoshi Yoshida, President of Peace Stars of Tokyo, have begun introducing Unseen Realms into those markets as well.

Just tap on our names to review our resumés:

Tonia Shoumatoff has had extensive experience in media and events production.

Devin Kyle Irby has worked as a journalist, technician and graphic artist. Having left his home-state of Colorado to become a graduate of Bard College, he is seeking to reach his fruition as a movie-maker/event planner, shaman and lingual gymnast.

We are taking a revolutionary approach to this business by acting to create a span between seemingly disparate fields and interests. By networking with educators and artists, we hope to sponsor new connections for people of all ages. Our goal is to present different concepts that promote the exploration of connections between varying disciplines and perspectives.

Both Devin and Tonia are committed to supporting projects which have potential for increasing the understandings necessary to make peace a reality in our lifetime! We have recently helped inaugurate three "peace schools" in the Ukraine, which are now part of a global peace education network called Peace Stars. As representatives of Peace Stars, we are working to promote peace through education, the arts and environmental work. Profits from Unseen Realms go to the support and development of these projects, as we expand our niche of imagery, educational materials and other fine products for the mind.